Grabbing some air at Hidden Valley. (Hidden Valley/Facebook)

Missouri’s Hidden Valley Ski Area is once again in a dispute with the city of Wildwood in which it operates and once again is threatening to close the ski area after this season.

A zip-line proposal that the ski area insists it needs to remain open and stay profitable was turned down by the Wildwood Planning and Zoning commission. 

Peak Resorts, owner of Hidden Valley, had withdrawn its request for the permit to build the zip-line expressing “incredible disappointment and has left no other choice but to seek other options for the property,” reported the Peak Resorts website.


Night skiing at Hidden Valley is popular with St. Louis skiers. (hidden Valley/Facebook)

After two money-losing seasons Hidden Valley wanted to install a four station zip line during daylight hours that would operate 12 months a year to help bolster revenue. The Planning Commission wanted to add restrictions on months it could operate and hours of operation. Peak Resorts insisted the year-round, daylight operation was needed to justify spending $2.5 million for the installation.

The latest news is that Peak Resorts re-instated their request for the permit after many people turned out to question the restrictions being proposed on the plan. That issue is now supposed to be considered by another Wildwood committee in December and referred back to city council for a final decision.

Hidden Valley slopes groomed and ready. (Hidden Valley/Facebook)

Meanwhile Hidden Valley intends to be fully open and operating all facilities for the 2017-18 snowsports season.

A few years ago the city tried to annex a small portion of the ski area, and at the time Tim Boyd, CEO of Peaks Resorts, told them he would close the resort before he would agree. The city backed off.

The Polar Plunge Tubing Park. (Hidden Valley/Facebook)

Hidden Valley was Boyd’s first ski area, which opened in 1984, helped found Peak Resorts Inc., which today operates 12 ski areas and ski resorts scattered throughout the Midwest and East.