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Flyin' High: Ziplines Open Up In The Rockies

Tamarack-Zipline Ziplines get you high and deep into the alpine world of ski and snowboard resorts. (Tamarack/Facebook)

Skiers and snowboarders craving speed, views, and adventure -- and social distancing -- can find gratification this summer with ziplines right at the resorts in the Rockies.

Although several have been put on hold for the summer precautions, the ziplines listed below report they are oiled up and ready to go. A number of resorts operate short-span zips around the base area, and off-site zipline tours can be found with a brief internet search.

Check websites or call for the latest. All that are open have pandemic safety lists on their websites.

Copper Mountain sends pairs of riders across West Copper Lake, sometimes within 10 feet of the water, around the base area.

At Angel Fire in northern New Mexico, a tandem 1,600-foot zip flows off the summit, so a scenic chairlift ride is included. Noted as a beginner-friendly resort, Angel Fire has two spans for newbies.

Over the hill at Red River, the zipline features two-seat cockpits and a 600-ft gravity ride over the town ponds.

Utah's Sundance Resort boasts five zips among longest -- and highest -- zipline rides in the country. The lower mountain two zips warm you up, then ride to the summit and hang on two segments for 2,100-foot drop at 65 mph top speed (there are brakes) and up to 500 feet off the ground.

In Idaho, Tamarack's zipline  is both a body rush and a tour of the high-alpine canopy of Ponderosa pine, with eight cables, two suspension bridges, and treehouse more than 100 feet off the ground. Guides talk up ecosystem as you fly 3,500 feet.




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