Snowmaking is currently on hold, but natural and man-made snow have left Bromley in great shape. (Bromley/Facebook)

A fire in Bromley’s Primary Pump House occurred during the night of December 16 and early morning December 17. It began with an electrical fault, and local fire departments responded. No one was injured in the incident at the southern Vermont resort.

Snowmaking is currently on hold, as Primary Pump functioned to push water up the mountain. The resort is actively working to source parts to put a temporary fix in place, allowing them to resume snowmaking as soon as possible.

The resort reports that the long-range plan now includes an opportunity for renovating a 20 year old system – “it was state of the art when installed in the early 1990’s, but certainly has room for improvement today,” Bromley said in an email to guests and community members. They will release details on the long-range plan once clean up is complete, salvageable parts identified, and a new shopping list finalized.

Bromley's holiday plans include skiing on at least 30 trails. (Bromley/Facebook)

As for holiday plans, Mother Nature has provided Sun Mountain with great natural snow so far this season (over two feet), plus enough cold hours in November and December to achieve the snowmaking coverage and natural snow on 99 acres of terrain.

Snowsports School, Kids Center and all other Mountain Operations will continue as usual. Updates on the snowmaking pump system rebuild will be delivered as available. 

By the end of the week Bromley expects to be at 30 trails, spanning 118 open acres (66 percent open), with 93 of their snowmaking acres covered (almost 70 percent).