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Egan Brothers To Be Inducted Into Ski Hall of Fame

Egan Brothers To Be Inducted Into Ski Hall of Fame

Dan Egan prepares to jump over John Egan in a classic "extreme" skiing shot. (Dan Egan)

Action sport and extreme ski pioneers Dan and John Egan will be inducted into the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame and Museum as part of the class of 2016.


The Egans may have not set out to be extreme skiing pioneers, but their pure love of the sport has lead them to find ways to connect their lives with skiing.

“We’ve always been conscious of connecting ourselves to the bigger picture,” Dan told SnoCountry.com.

The Egans appeared in twelve Warren Miller Ski Films from 1985-1994, more than anyone worldwide.

As explorers and ambassadors they traveled the globe to put “extreme” in skiing. Their exploits chronicled the geopolitical landscape of the late 80's and 90’s, making a conscious decision to go wherever CNN was.

To name a few, they jumped off the Berlin Wall with skis, skied Mt Elbrus and filmed Red Square during a Perestroika protest in 1990, skied the Julian Alps in Yugoslavia a week before the civil war, and skied with the Kurds during the first Persian Gulf War in Turkey. “Skiing around world events connected us to bigger things.” Dan told us.

In the heyday of their movie career, the VCR and the VHS format were what YouTube is today. “It was a time when the ski industry was looking for something. VCR and VHS was the beginning of social media – the first time niche sports were invited into people’s homes," Dan added.

Dan Egan

The aspirational aspect of the ski movie made the ski bum lifestyle a part of skiers’ everyday lives. “When people are out there skiing they are living their aspiration. They might be dreaming of dropping out of a heli, but they are living it at Blue Hills in Massachusetts or Mount Sunapee in New Hampshire. Every time someone wakes up in Southern New England to drive three hours north, they are motivated by the memory of a great ski day.”

Regarding the honor, Dan said, “There’s not that many non-Olympians in the Ski Hall of Fame. And to be with my brother, that’s the fun bit. Most importantly, sometimes you need someone else to help you out in life, and that’s what John and I are to each other.”

John Egan

Today they remain skiing ambassadors for resorts such as Sugarbush, Killington and Big Sky Resort and remain sponsored by companies such as Dynstar, Lange, Elan, Smith, Obermyer and The North Face.

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