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Deep Into The Spring: Still Skiing And Riding To Be Had

Killington-Close Plenty of bumps should be at Killington into June. (Killington/Facebook)

The 2018-2019 ski and snowboard season isn't going out quietly, as healthy snowfall through April has prompted resorts across the SnoCountry map to extend operations into May – or beyond.

A combination of temps, elevation, aspect and skier demand all combine to choreograph the late-season dance about how long to stay open. This season, many have shut down despite ample snow depths because there just aren't enough people on the slopes to make it worth it.

However, a healthy number will turn lifts beyond traditional closing dates, and here's a look at them.

In the East, the Beast just won't die this season, as Killington will continue daily operations until May 5. Weekends will be open and may run, with limited ops, to Memorial Day and beyond. Vermont neighbor Jay Peak says it'll run full-on until May 12. Sugarbush is aiming at May 5 closing, as is Sugarloaf.

Midwest had a snowstorm-filled season, pushing a couple of resorts into May. (Boyne Mountain/Facebook)

In the Midwest, UP stalwarts Mount BohemiaLutsen Mountains and Boyne Mountain annually compete to stay open the longest. One or two may make it to May 12 target. Ski Brule is still open for this coming weekend at least.

The full length of the Rockies filled up with snow this season, meaning the usual suspects and a few interlopers will keep lifts running deep into the spring.

Breckenridge decided early to stay open to Memorial Day -- and the snow cooperated. (Breckenridge/Facebook)

Breckenridge joined the late-open crowd this season, announcing in January that Peak 7 lifts will stay open until Memorial Day, with access to runs on Peaks 6 and 8.

A-Basin always stays operating into the spring, and this season is no different. (Arapahoe Basin/Facebook)

All-time fav Colorado spring skiing spots – Arapahoe Basin and Loveland – will push things as usual. Loveland will shut down May 4, while A-Basin will keep going and going until June 1-2 weekend. Over the divide, the Mary Jane portion of Winter Park will have soft moguls – and lifts to reach them – open until May 12.

Smiling faces abound at Loveland in the springtime. (Loveland/Facebook)

Arizona Snowbowl extends its time on snow. (Arizona Snowbowl)

An interloper this spring will be Arizona Snowbowl, which had a record-setting El Nino year and will turn the lifts Thursday-Sunday at least until May 5 – and leaving an definitive closing date up in the air.

The late-season champ, Snowbird once again captures the Utah crown. (Snowbird/Facebook)

In Utah, it's always Snowbird that stays open the longest, and this season is no exception. The Wasatch resort won't say when it will shutter for the season, but it's typically gone at least to Memorial Day.

Celebrate the Fourth of July with a few turns at Squaw Valley. (Squaw Valley/Facebook)

Tahoe-area got dumped on this season. Alpine Meadows plans to run through May, and big-brother Squaw Valley believes there will be enough coverage into July. To the southeast, Mammoth hopes to go through Memorial day.

Oregon's Mt. Hood once again brought on the snow, prompting late-season opportunities. (Mt. Hood Meadows/Facebook)

Mt. Hood's slopes never seem to see winter end, as longevity king Timberline attests with skiing and riding into the next fall. Mt. Hood Meadows plans to stay running until May 4.

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