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Continuing Warren Miller’s Legacy In ‘Face of Winter’

Oskar-Enander_Switzerland2_9x6 Carrying on mountaintop filming in Switzerland, one of Warren Miller's favorites. (Oskar Enander)

This year’s Warren Miller flick is titled “Face of Winter,” which for many of us, Warren embodied. With his passing last winter, this year’s film, the 69th installment from Warren Miller Entertainment, pays homage to him and some of his favorite spots: from Engleberg to Chamonix, British Columbia to Alaska, Chile, Iceland, New Zealand, Washington and more.

As is tradition, the film travels around the world with amazing skiers and 'boarders to share the stoke. When Warren passed last January, the team shifted gears to pay homage in 2018 to his legacy.

Warren was always looking for a new angle, whether from in front, alongside, or above. (Warren Miller Entertainment/Sun Valley)

“Face of Winter” showcases not only Warren himself but what he accomplished over the span of his career. “We focused a lot of the interviews with athletes on how Warren inspired them, and any specific stories they had that involved Warren,” Warren Miller Entertainment producer Josh Haskins told SnoCountry.com

Haskins started working with Warren Miller as an intern in the summer of 1999, and has worked since then to learn and continue Warren Miller’s work spreading the love of winter sports.

Mike Wiegele heli skiing drops Seth Wescott and Rob Kingwill. (Chad Chomlack)

Haskins noted that it’s not just famous athletes, but the entire community who have been affected by Warren and his movies over the years. People like helicopter operator Mike Wiegele from Blue River, BC - “Warren helped his business succeed when people thought the idea of helicopter skiing was just insane,” Haskins said.

Seth Wescott Wiegele’s for some first-rate mountain access in one of British Columbia’s best snowbelts. (Chad Chomlack)

You’ll also see famous faces like Maine’s Olympian Seth Wescott talk about how Warren inspired him to not just snowboard recreationally, but turn it into his life.

“I’ve been working with people that had been with the company for a long time. You know when you jump into a company that’s 50 years old, there’s a lot of experience and passionate people working on the movie,” Haskins told us. “I think we have been able to carry on that tradition because everyone has the connection with Warren the man and the company for so many years and the dedication to carry on that legacy.”

Part of that legacy includes sticking to the tradition of a film tour specifically created to show in theaters. Despite the evolution of the way we consume media nowadays, Haskins knows there’s something special about the community experience Warren created so many years ago.

“When we take a movie out on our theatrical tour that’s the payoff for all of us really. To see the film in a dark theater with a packed audience and hear their response. That’s honestly why we do it.” 

Listings for your community showing can be found here

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