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Climbing The Walls At Jay Peak’s Clips And Reels


No matter the weather, lots of apres ski options at Jay Peak. (Jay Peak/Facebook)

At the end of the day, it’s all about the snow at Jay Peak. If you’ve got a family that is climbing the walls for some fun this winter, Jay Peak has you covered both on and off the slopes.

“It appears the weather pattern has locked itself in for February and a traffic jam of storms is headed our way,” Jay Peak’s JJ Toland told SnoCountry.com. “February is setting up to be an amazing month and all this snow couldn’t come at a better time.”

Dancing in the deeps at Jay Peak. (Jay Peak/Facebook)

If all of the snow tumbling, waterpark sliding and ice skating wasn’t enough, the northern Vermont snow mecca now offers Clips and Reels, a 15,000-square foot recreation and entertainment center with a 142-seat cinema draught house (READ: a place where you can watch a movie and drink a beer), an arcade that skews toward the virtual reality world, and a Clip ‘n Climb facility that offers plenty of fun and challenging climbing elements.

This isn't your grandfather's climbing gym. (Jay Peak)

Located across the street from the Mountain Kids Adventure Center and Stateside Hotel, kids can finish up with ski school and head over for afternoon fun.

All the climbing is on the second floor of the facility, which is the ground floor. There’s no barrier to entry and no knots to learn on the auto-belay climbs. Thirteen of the routes are Clip ‘n Climb with fun features and colors, and names like Big Cheese and Crazy Spaghetti. Some features move as you ascend.

In case the slopes haven't tired you out, tackle the ropes course. (Jay Peak)

When kids are done on the vertical walls, they can head over to hit the ropes course.

For more experienced climbers, three traditional rock climbing walls are available for those who want to bring their chalk bag and be challenged.

Vermont's only slopeside movie theater. (Jay Peak)

A family of four will only spend $16 to view the 22-foot screen at the theater.

Jay-themed movies will have a fun twist, showing recent and second-run movies like the latest “Star Wars” and “Jumanji.”

“The fun is going to be introducing 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' to a new generation,” Toland told us. Themes like Monster Mondays and Terror Tuesdays will be accompanied by drink specials. There’ll be White Russians served at the showing of “The Big Lebowski“ and Chianti at the showing of "The Godfather."

The bar is right as you buy your tickets, so along with popcorn and Jujubes for the kids, parents can grab a Long Trail Ale or Grey Goose.

It’s best to book climbing times in advance online, and check out what the movie lineup might be during your stay. If you plan to climb, you'll need closed-toe indoor shoes.

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