Vail A Vail ski area employee in an empty lane between lines of skiers reminds skiers to keep their masks over their nose. (Jason Blevins, The Colorado Sun)

Health officials in eight counties have not traced positive tests back to lift lines, chairlifts or ski slopes.

Colorado’s resort communities are teetering on the edge of increased restrictions as a potential surge in COVID-19 cases from the busy holidays looms. But public health officials in eight tourism-dependent communities have not linked any outbreaks to ski areas. 

“It’s not the activity of skiing that is the risk but all the things that go along with it,” said Lindsey Mills, a spokeswoman for San Miguel County.

San Miguel County has seen an increase in visitors testing positive for COVID-19, but the county’s epidemiological team has not tracked transmission back to the slopes, lines or chairlifts at Telluride ski area. But post-ski socializing, that’s a problem. 

“When your guard is let down with alcohol that is where we are seeing spread,” Mills said.

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