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Capital Region Nordic Alliance Partners With Windham

CRNA-Nordic-Flickr Capital Region Nordic Alliance will offer Nordic skiing at Windham. (CRNA/Flickr)

New York’s Windham Mountain Resort and the Adaptive Sports Foundation have joined forces with the Capital Region Nordic Alliance, Inc. (CRNA) to offer Nordic and ParaNordic activities at Windham Country Club this winter, including cross country skiing, snowshoeing, orienteering, and biathlon (light-based and paintball). 

CRNA plans to work closely with The Adaptive Sports Foundation in Windham, making these services available to children and adults with physical and cognitive disabilities and chronic illnesses.

Adaptive snowshoeing comes to Windham. (CRNA)

CRNA is an outdoor recreation alliance that provides opportunities for people to engage in four active sports on a year-round basis including cross country skiing, snowshoeing/trail running, biathlon (XC skiing and .22 caliber target shooting, Paralympic .171 caliber, or paintball biathlon), and orienteering (use of maps and compass to find specific locations). 

CRNA serves able-bodied persons with particular emphasis on veterans and their families, and youth with special needs and/or disabilities.

Russ Meyer, Executive Director of the Capital Region Nordic Alliance said, “I’m thrilled about this new partnership and we’re looking forward to a great season!”

Adaptive biathlon also coming to Windham. (CRNA)

CRNA volunteers include health professionals, educators and administrators, scientists, researchers, business owners, and parents. CRNA works with veterans with disabilities and the community to staff the center and run programming. It uses active sports to provide long-lasting physical and mental health benefits for participants and employs a collaborative model joining with other community based organizations to provide opportunities for the disabled and those with special needs to actively participate in active sports.  

The goal is to raise awareness of and participation in active sports among residents within the region by providing, on its own or in collaboration with businesses such as ski areas to develop integrated year-round sporting/recreational events and instruction.

Engaging in these active sports allows individuals with physical disabilities or emotional trauma to gain confidence, self-esteem, respect and dignity. Individuals and groups become engaged with meaningful experiences, reinforcing positive personal and community values of acceptance, community diversity, sportsmanship, doing one’s best, and embracing accomplishment. 

“The orienteering and biathlon activities will be available whether there is snow on the ground or not,” stated Kristen Garrahan, Director of Operations at Windham Country Club.

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