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As A Ski Town Emerges From Lockdown, What Comes Next?


It’s quiet here. Granted, on most days, it’s quieter here than in cities, but this is different. Like closing your eyes in a dark room and finding that what you would have called darkness a moment earlier was a cheap imitation. As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps across the world, I’ve found myself absorbed in frequent waves of an emotion that is not quite guilt, but something very much like it.

During a recent uphill session on Aspen mountain, a notion I could not reconcile eclipsed my customary sense of gratitude. A feeling that the good fortune which allowed me to be there, on that mountain, was more than one person needed right now. That, were all things cosmically equal, I could divide the abundance of humbling landscapes and clean air among the anonymous many who have the comfort of neither. In a matter of weeks, the isolation I had so far been content to treasure became something with which I must now also reckon.

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