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Appeals Court Keeps Alta’s Snowboarding Ban In Place

Appeals Court Keeps Alta’s Snowboarding Ban In Place

It'll be skiers only at Alta Ski Area after latest ruling from federal court. (Alta)

A final round of appeals by a group seeking to force Alta Ski Area to admit snowboarders has failed, leaving the Utah resort as one of three U.S. mountains that only skiers can enjoy.

In a one-page ruling issued June 20, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver refused to re-hear arguments against a previous court ruling that the ban was legal. 

The decision rejects arguments by Wasatch Equality, a Utah advocacy group representing snowboarders, that Alta’s exclusion keeps “a certain class of individuals” from use of public lands. The bulk of Alta’s runs sit on U.S. Forest Service land.

According to the previous appeals court ruling, the plaintiffs were unable to prove that the U.S. Forest Service had influence or any say in the ban.

Alta has maintained that skiers on the mountain don't have to be concerned about collisions with snowboarders – an attraction for many skiers.

Along with Utah’s Deer Valley and Vermont’s Mad River Glen, Alta keeps its no-snowboarding status. The latest ruling affirms Alta’s contention that attracting skiers with the promise of a snowboarder-free experience is a private business decision that doesn't violate anyone's rights.

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