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Algae In Skis? Salt Lake Company Believes Its Technology Could Change The Snow-Sports Industry

Skis Pep Fujas, vice president of marketing and product development at WNDR Alpine, talks about the construction of WNDR Alpine skis, which are made with a microalgae oil instead of petroleum, at the company's production office in Salt Lake City, Friday, Oct. 2, 2020. It is the first company to use algae to make skis.

Traditionally, the skis you want to carry you into and out of the isolated and unforgiving backcountry is not the pair with algae on it. Or in it.

But a Salt Lake City ski maker would like to change your perspective on that.

WNDR Alpine is entering its second year of building backcountry skis with microalgae oil. Used in place of petroleum in the plastic of the core and sidewalls, the company says the microalgae is not just more environmentally friendly than its fossil-fuel counterpart but also allows for less waste and better performance.

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