Sunday River Wife Carrying Championship

The 2012 North American Wife Carrying Championship event is Sat., Oct. 6 at Sunday River, Maine. Fifty couples compete on the slopes of the resort for the title and prizes. 

Contestants include past winners from 2009, No. American champions, 2012 Nova Scotia champions, and 4-time world champions. The event is based on a Finnish-wife carrying folklore that says the winners of the championship take home the wife’s weight in beer plus five times her weight in cash. 

The course is a custom-built 278-yard alpine route complete with wood hurdles, sand traps, and the “widow maker” water hazard. Couples do not need to be married, but must be a man and woman both 21 years or older. Either partner can be carried and the couple determines the method of carrying.

Check out the resort’s Fall Festival (see’s story on other regional fall festivals) occurring the same weekend, Oct. 6-7. 

Photo: Sunday River/Nick Lambert