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A $2 Billion Ski Development Near Park City Creates an Avalanche of Controversy

Mayflower-2 Mayflower Mountain Resort.

Next door to Deer Valley, Extell Development is assembling what could become the country’s first new full-service resort in 40 years, despite the project’s enormous expense and a steady decline in ski and snowboard participation.

One of New York City’s most prominent real-estate developers is betting years of his life—and a nine-figure sum—that he will be the first in four decades to successfully build a new, full-service ski resort in the United States.

The obstacles are legion. The local approvals process can be lengthy and uncertain. Costs are massive—even more so in this project, where portions of the land are polluted with mine tailings containing lead and arsenic. And then there is the location: in Wasatch County, Utah, abutting the venerable and luxurious Deer Valley Resort. Some owners in Deer Valley, known for its expense and its exclusivity, are less than thrilled about the idea that they should open their ski trails to a massive, and potentially less-exclusive, project next door.

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