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Michigan Resorts Start To Offer Fat Tire (Snow) Biking

Fat tire snow biking

Fat tire biking, snow biking, or whatever you want to call it has been gaining popularity at eastern and western ski resorts the last couple of seasons. The Midwest is just starting to catch on, and so far just in Michigan.


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Try XC Skiing After Watching Sochi Olympics; Special Offers

Cross country skiers at Lone Mountain Ranch by Tony Demin

The Salt Lake City Winter Olympics garnered 190 million TV viewers making it one of the most watched events in the history of the world. 

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Nordic Adaptive Sit-Skis Bring Freedom To Mobility Impaired Persons

Patrick Standen

Nordic sit-skiing gives a taste of freedom to a person with mobility limitations to access snow covered trails, fields, and cross country ski areas that cover the north country.

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Glide Your Way To Romance – XC Valentine’s Day Getaways

Romantic XC GetawaysHere are the Top 10 favorite romantic cross country ski resorts across North America as chosen by XCSkiResorts.com. 

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Trip Report: Trails Withstand Rain In Mt. Washington Valley, N.H.

Jackson xc skier gals

On a recent weekend in the Mt. Washington Valley in New Hampshire’s White Mountains the trail conditions were great. This had been a good start to the winter season and there had been a few snow storms that provided great trail cover in the region, but before we embarked we heard that an epic rainstorm and extended warm-up were in the forecast.

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Dog Sledding Means Winter Fun With Day Tours, Weekend Camping

Dog sledding fun at Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge

There is archaeological evidence that domesticated dogs (and dog harnesses) accompanied humans in northern Native cultures as far back as 15,000 years ago. 

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Here's How To Become A Nordic Ski Instructor

Canadian Associaton of Nordic Ski Instructors

Ask a Nordic ski instructor why they teach cross country (XC) skiing and they’ll reply that they celebrate the community and culture of the sport to share that experience with as many people as possible. 

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Take Advantage Of A Cross Country Ski Demo Day

SIA Nordic Demo at Devil's Thumb Ranch Resort

Try before you buy. Many cross country (XC) ski areas conduct demo days to give skiers an opportunity to test drive the newest XC ski equipment. It’s a day when product suppliers’ branded tents and flags are flapping in the wind and company reps stand guard armed with knowledge of their wares. 


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Ride Snowcoach Above Treeline On Mt. Washington

SnowCoach Mt. Washington

Winter on the Mt. Washington Auto Road in Gorham, NH officially opened in mid-December this year with custom-built four wheel drive Chevy passenger vans and their four massive treads ferrying passengers up the road to an elevation of 4,000 feet. The SnowCoach goes about two-thirds of the way to the summit of Mt. Washington, the Northeast’s highest peak.

“The specially-trained SnowCoach drivers can take anyone at any age into the alpine environment that they may never see otherwise,” says Mt. Washington, N.H. Auto Road General Manager Howie Wemyss. “It is really a comfortable adventure for the whole family to see an unforgettable place.”

The SnowCoach ride up Mt. Washington takes about 75 minutes and departs daily, weather permitting. Many passengers bring their skis to go XC skiing back down to the base lodge at Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center.

The price of the SnowCoach tour is $45 for adults, $30 for kids aged 5-12 or part of the Total Trails Ticket ($69) that includes a SnowCoach tour, all day trail pass, tubing pass, and snowshoe or XC ski rental equipment at Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center.


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Biathlon Programs Proliferating At XC Ski Areas

Biathlon lesson at Olympic Sports Complex in Lake Placid, NY

Biathlon is now on target at many cross country (XC) ski areas across the country. The sport of biathlon combines XC and target shooting. 

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Fat Bikes - Marriage Of Cross Country Skiing, Mountain Biking

Snow Bikes

There was extensive coverage about fat bikes in the media last year (it’s hot) and there’s a photograph of a person riding a fat bike towing a Christmas tree on the cover of this year’s Patagonia Holiday Catalog. Fat bikes were recently dubbed the “Hummers of the two-wheelers’ world” in the Wall Street Journal.

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Skijoring: Enjoy Winter Trails With Your Dog

Cross country skiers skijoring with their dogs

Skijoring is a Norwegian word that means “skidriving.” A team of one or more dogs pulls an XC skier and the skier “drives” or directs the team as he or she skis behind.

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'Road Scholars' Flock To Winter Learning Programs

Northwoods Road Scholars

Road Scholar is a brand within the Elderhostel program intended for adults who want to travel, learn and stimulate discourse and friendship among other people for whom learning is the journey of a lifetime. 

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Comprehensive Nordic Ski Exhibit Opens At Vermont Museum

Display of historical XC ski base

A comprehensive Nordic ski exhibit opened at the Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum Nov. 2 with two floors of extensive cross country skiing memorabilia on display. This is clearly the largest exhibit of its kind about the sport.

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Cross Country Ski Areas Association Website Redesigned

Cross Country Ski Areas Association logo

Cross Country Ski Areas Association (CCSAA), the national trade association of cross country ski area operators, has redesigned its website. The site has duel purposes for XC skiers and the ski area members. 

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Eat Your Way To Fitness With XC Skiing And Snowshoeing

Nordic Nibbles at Eastman Cross Country

Here's a guilt-free way to indulge yourself with food while exercising. XC skiing and snowshoeing are some of the best forms of aerobic exercise.

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Kids Programs On XC Skis Or Snowshoes Ready For New Season

Kids cross country skiing at Sleepy Hollow Ski Center

Kids on cross country skis or snowshoes - it is not only about child obesity, nature deficit disorder, and better brain function – it's about fun.

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Sustainable Cross Country Ski Resorts Collective Against Climate Change

Trailside solar panel array at Craftsbury Outdoor Center

Many cross country (XC) ski areas operate in an environmentally-friendly manner, and some of these operators, who are exemplars using the most sustainable practices, have created a collective of the XC ski areas called “Cross Country Skiing Against Climate Change.”

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U.S. XC Star Kikkan Randall Picks Up Major Sponsorship; Largest Ever?

Kikkan Randall wins in Quebec City

Cross Country skiing sprinter Kikkan Randall of the U.S. Ski Team likely has received the largest sponsorship ever for an American XC skier, though the actual dollar amount has not been made public. 

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Ladies' Getaways Are All The Rage

Girls getaway at Mt. Washington Hotel

Among some women, the "ladies' getaway" weekend or program has become an annual tradition.

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