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RealSkiers: Motion Beyond Mechanics

Harold Harb, RealSkiers

Among the many ways to define the boundary between good skiers and true masters is that the former tend to be obsessed with technique (the better to breach said boundary), while the latter rarely, if ever, think about it. We think about it often here at RealSkiers.com.

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RealSkiers: Are Skis Overpriced?

Anton UForia skis

No question about it, alpine skis are pricey. Middle-of-the-line models run for over $500, top-shelf all-mountain skis routinely check out for around $700 or more, unmounted, and some exotics seem to reach second mortgage territory. One has every right to wonder, what am I paying for?


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RealSkiers: The Lessons of 2014

real skiersThe first week of spring seems a propitious moment to look back on the lessons we learned from our stewardship of realskiers.com over the past season. 2014 was a watershed year for realskiers, as the editor’s pen was passed from founder Peter Keelty to me.

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RealSkiers: The Rides Of March

Rides of March real skiers

Recent commentaries I’ve posted in the Member Section of realskiers or in comments here at SnoCountry.com have looked beyond the near horizon at next year’s collection of new skis.

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RealSkiers: How Is It In The Bumps?

How is it in bumps?In today’s market, we define the skis we use by the terrain for which they’re best suited. For example, narrower, Frontside models are adapted for hard snow at high speed. Wider All-Mountain skis are presumed equally adept at groomed and off-piste conditions; it’s their terrain versatility that makes them the current market darlings.

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RealSkiers: Are We Over-Serving America?

Different skis for different folksThe process of evaluating next season’s crop of new models begins in earnest this month, inspiring this rumination.

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RealSkiers: The Pendulum Swings the Other Way

Real Skiers pendulum swingsLike many in our small but loveable trade, I’ve just returned from three cathartic days of demo-ing a passel of next year’s skis, in my case at Mammoth Mountain. Despite a thus far dreadful winter, the hill could not have been in better shape for our purposes. Spirits were high and the vibe was joyous.

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RealSkiers: Your Boots Aren't All That Need To Be Fit

RealSkiers Fit

Eventually, all skiers learn the importance of getting their boots properly fit. It may take more than a season in rental boots, hand-me-downs or Craig’s List re-treads, but in time, even the most plodding intermediates figure out that maybe it’s their boots that are holding back development and impinging on their enjoyment of the sport.

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RealSkiers: The Right Tool For The Job

Race slalom skis (Head)There’s never been a better time to own a race slalom ski. Seriously.  

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RealSkiers: Our Dystopian Future As Ski Shops Disappear

Abandoned lift

In 1985, there were 727 lift-served ski areas in the U.S. Today that number is 427, a decrease of 40 percent.

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RealSkiers: What You Pay For

Ski Montage -- RealSkiersIf you’re in the market for new skis, you’ll discover a wild diversity in prices. Skis that sell with bindings for $399 are arrayed alongside models with sticker prices well above $1,000, bindings not included.  What does the $1,000 ski have that the $399 model doesn’t, other than the hope of fishing a minimum of 600 more dollars out of your income stream?

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RealSkiers: Bring Backcountry Code Back To Resorts

Backcountry skiingAmerica has fallen in love with the idea of backcountry skiing. Along with this activity comes an ethos, a strict, codified behavior guide with a global aim of bringing all participants back alive. 

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RealSkiers: How Not To Save A Buck

Boot fittingSkiing is expensive. Just affording the requisite underwear requires a second mortgage, never mind all the other clothing layers, equipment, travel, lodging and such niceties as food. Every expense seems to beget another: boots need custom insoles, skis need bindings, goggles go with helmets and you need bags of every description just to haul it all around.

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RealSkiers: If I Were King For A Day - Free Lessons

John Clendenin Ski Doctors of AspenAt realskiers.com, we emphasize the connection between technique and equipment, as the two elements are inextricably intertwined. Skiers who learn to tip and pressure a ski can apply this skill set to all sorts of terrain, opening up their gear selection options.  

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Realskiers: Love Is An Active Verb, So Stay Tuned

Hogen on TuningThe ski junkies who frequent realskiers.com devote a good deal of time and effort to finding just the right model for how they like to ski. They approach the decision with the utmost gravity, as if choosing a mate for life.  

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Realskiers: Bootfitting Brings Hope For America’s Future

Masterfit UI recently attended two days of seminars on advanced boot fitting techniques under the aegis of Masterfit University. The folks who run this worldwide roadshow also orchestrate the annual ski boot test whose results appear on the pages of realskiers.com.

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RealSkiers: The Ski Buyer We Don’t See

Hogen Internet BuyersOnce upon a time, skiers had to go to a ski shop to buy their equipment. How quaint! Now, with just a few keystrokes, one can visit scores of online gear purveyors, most of which blare messages of bargains galore behind their glistening portals.

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RealSkiers: Every Shot in the Bag

Female Skiers

You can’t consider yourself a complete golfer if you can’t put every club in the bag to good use. Skiers also have a bag of clubs, not in the sense of having 14 skis from which to choose, but in the arsenal of turn shapes and turning techniques that can be deployed in any given circumstance. 


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RealSkiers: Fit Your Whole Foot

Boots at Bobo's Mogul House

When I’m not creating new content for realskiers.com, a period known to the general population as “weekends,” I fit people in ski boots at Bobo’s Mogul Mouse in Reno, Nevada. 

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RealSkiers: What Separates Good Skiers From Great Isn’t Their Skis

Real Skiers Good From Great

This reverie may strike some readers as an odd blog entry from a person who writes over 200 ski reviews a season for realskiers.com, but chances are a new ski won’t change your skiing as much as learning how to use the tools you have. (There are exceptions, of course, but we’ll deal with them later.) 

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