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Sustainable Socks From Farm To Feet

Farm-to-Feet-socks Farm to Feet socks are comfortable and durable. (Farm to Feet)

Using all-American materials, manufacturing and workers, Farm to Feet offers skiers, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts merino wool socks that are made with as little impact on the environment as possible and a supply chain completely within the US.

Merino wool is a durable fiber that keeps us warm and breathes well to keep us dry. The socks also use nylon and spandex - nylon for structure, durability, and reinforcing high impact areas like the heel and toe; spandex for stretch and fit from the welt through the toe.

Farm to Feet’s wool is supplied from American Sheep Industry Association member ranches, who promote and encourage the training of proper sheep handling and shearing. 

Ready for any winter adventure with a good pair of socks. (Farm to Feet/Facebook)

A benefit of sourcing textiles from the U.S. is the federal and local regulations that help protect company employees and the environment. Most industrial manufacturers that are dyeing textiles are required to have their own wastewater treatment plants to clean any outputs before it enters a municipality’s system. 

Not only are the materials for Farm to Feet socks sourced entirely from its U.S. supply chain, but they go one step further and source all of their packaging and point-of-sale displays domestically – making Farm to Feet 100 percent American. 

Socks made sustainably in Mount Airy, North Carolina. (Farm to Feet)

Over the past five years, Farm to Feet has reduced its water and energy usage through the implementation of steam tumblers (reduced washing and drying steps, time, water, and energy), dumpster dive initiatives and their own software to track materials, processes, manufacturing, and shipping.

Farm to Feet uses Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper for its packaging. Smaller packaging allows cases to be packed more efficiently, which helps reduce transportation emissions, while also using less paper. Farm to Feet requires all packaging suppliers to use vegetable-based inks.

Farm to Feet understands that in order to fully appreciate the world’s best American-made socks one must have outdoor places to use them in and supports and funds organizations to protect wild places for their habitat and recreation values.

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